We now offer two kinds of games!!!

SpeedQuizzing is a fast-paced trivia game played on your smartphone! People get into teams electing one team member to use their smartphone for the game. They download the free SpeedQuizzing app and connect to the wifi network we provide. 

We  send questions and answer keypads pop up on the teams' phones. The fastest correct answer wins extra points so teams fight to be the fastest! The desire to be the fastest eliminates any chance of cheating.
We receive everyone's answers through our computer so there is instant scoring throughout the game! 
So why choose SpeedQuizzing over regular paper trivia?
1) Eco-Friendly (Paperless)
2) Fast Paced
3) Customizable for your event
4) Eliminates the chance of cheating
5) Eliminates time wasted on scoring 
McClain’s Mobile Music is excited to offer the NEWEST Live Game Solution for any occasion.  Extreme Bingo is a combination of "Name That Tune" and traditional Bingo. Instead of listening to numbers being drawn, you will be tapping your toes to the beat of music!  

Extreme Bingo features song clips in a format similar to "Name That Tune"!  With a variety of music from the 1950’s to the popular hits of today, we can tailor the format to fit any age.