D​J Tracy Schroeder - Owner

D​J Mike Schroeder

Tracy is the proud Owner of McClain's Mobile Music. She started her DJ career in Dallas, TX when cassette tapes were used to play music!!! She truly loves to DJ weddings and events and has a huge, serving heart and a desire to help people. When she isn't DJ'ing, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike, as well as hanging out in her backyard with her dogs. Tracy also likes to have lake Tahoe days where she can put her feet in the sand and take in the fresh air.
Mike is so excited to be the Co-Owner of McClain's Mobile Music. He grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated with a degree in Marketing from the University of Minnesota. He met Tracy when they worked together at FedEx. Mike is a DJ because he enjoys interacting with people and connecting them to music that creates memories. He loves time with his family and dogs as well as gardening in his backyard. He also runs the sound booth at his church.

D​J Andrew Thomas

D​J Ward Fitch

Andrew has been DJ'ing for McClain's for three years now. He is a DJ because he loves people and putting a smile on peoples' faces. Andrew is also a bus driver for Storey County and a Youth Leader at his church. He is happily married to Meghan and has a beautiful little daughter, Elizabeth. Andrew loves to get together with his parents, brother, sister, nieces and nephew. When he has time, he likes to play the drums. We are so happy to have Andrew as a DJ!
Ward has been a DJ for McClain's Mobile Music for 16 years. Ward is a passionate DJ and enjoys meeting new people at each of his events. He is married to Stephanie and has two sons, William and Christopher, who he is so proud of because of their accomplishments. Ward is also a teacher and a technical genius. We think very highly of Ward; he helps us with all of our technical work and we couldn't be happier having him on our team!

D​J Spencer Flanders

D​J Bill McClain - Founder

Spencer Flanders aka "DJ Suspense" is our newest member to the McClain's Mobile Music family. Spencer is a hard worker who is energized to be the best DJ he can at his events. He is currently studying Political Science at Western Nevada College. Spencer is also involved with the American Heart Association and has been a youth leader at local summer camps. Spencer, your excitement is contagious, thank you for being part of our team!
Bill McClain
Just over 35 years ago Bill founded McClain's Mobile Music at the age of 15! One of his first DJ events was at his own high school dance. He also worked as a radio DJ due to his passion for connecting people with music. Bill has worked so hard at making McClain's one of the biggest and best DJ companies in Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe. Bill is married to Cassie and has two beautiful girls, Bailey and Clover. He is a lifelong resident of the Carson City area.

DJ Cassie McClain - Office Manager

Cassie's experiences as a DJ has helped her become a huge asset as Office Manager for McClain's Mobile Music. She graduated from UNR with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She enjoyed being a showgirl for many exciting events throughout Northern Nevada. She is married to Bill and loves being a mom to her girls, Bailey and Clover. Cassie also has two crazy dogs that she completely adores. She sings on the praise team at her church and runs the Kid's church program.
Cassie McClain